Folding chairs

Euro Tec rents folding chairs featuring optimal transportation characteristics. The assortment consists of standard Samsonite chairs and the wider Big Boy chair. The Samsonite chairs are used throughout the world for concerts and events. The comfortable Big Boy chair is extremely fire resistant, making it also ideal for indoor events. Moreover, the rows are very sturdy thanks to the unique, integrated chair coupling.


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Steel rubbing plates

These robust rubbing plates are ideal for use on construction sites and events where an service route must be created, for instance in  a field. The plates are installed using a crane. 

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Floor protection for sports halls

Floor protection for sports halls consists of a strong, waterproof rubber floor equipped with a non-slip backing. The shock-absorbing floor makes the sports hall suitable for multifunctional use. 

Floor protection for sports halls Floor protection for sports halls
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Interior plates

Interior plates transform riding halls and sports halls in no time into multifunctional event floors. The plates are made of recycled materials, feature isolating characteristics, are shock-absorbent and can be coupled, creating a smooth, flat surface.

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Wooden planking

Wooden planking is available in the standard size 4,80 x 0,5 m. The elements are suited for event flooring and for use in tents. They form a solid flooring, even when the surface is not entirely flat. 

Wooden planking Wooden planking Wooden planking
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Cable ducts

Safety is one of the main reasons to install cable ducts. The robust ducts prevent vehicles from causing damage to electrical cables and supply hoses. In addition, they also prevent the audience from tripping over cables or hoses. The cable ducts are made of a sturdy synthetic. 

Cable ducts
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Divider elements

New in the Euro Tec assortment are divider elements. These elements can be linked and are made from a heavy synthetic. They can be used on public roads as a flexible road divider. 

Divider elements Divider elements Divider elements
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