The Portafloor (Portapath) flooring system is ideal to protect the public area in stadiums and parks. This porous synthetic flooring systems allows light, air and water to filter through, thus optimally protecting the field for a number of days. Portafloor is rollable, reducing the time required to install and take down the flooring. Each roll covers appr. 85 m². The rolls are transported onto the field in golf carts and in special roll transportation carts to prevent damage to the field.  Each trailer holds appr. 2.800 m² flooring. Loading and unloading is done outside the stadium using a forklift truck.

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Technical data
Material: synthetic
Length: on roll, depending on the project
Width: 1,25m of 2,15m
Height: 1,8 cm
Weight: 3,8 kg per m²